C++1x for Embedded Systems compact


Date: On demand
Duration: 4 days, each 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location: ONLINE
Language: English
Referent: Andreas Fertig
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The flexibility of the C ++ language has improved even further with the new features of the C++11 standard and its successors. Some of these innovations are particularly interesting for embedded systems. For example it is now possible to move computations from run to compile time, resulting in a smaller and more performant codebase.

Are you also tired of writing ++i and still trying to get > and >= right? C++1x helps by leaving recurrent code of this type to the compiler. As a result, you gain more time to write really sophisticated code.

In this four-day seminar Andreas Fertig teaches how C++1x supports you to write faster and more robust code. After the seminar, you will write clearer and more precise code and will pass code reviews easier and more confidently, among other things.

Target group

Developers and architects of C++ based systems. Familiarity with the major features of C++ is required. Concepts and technical innovations of C++1x will be introduced.



Interactive class with exercises. All attendees are encouraged to play with the course material during the class.


In this seminar, attendees C++1x familiarise themselves with the use of embedded systems. Although C++1x is not specifically designed for embedded systems, the language contains various valuable features for such systems. Participants gain knowledge to optimise compiled code size and performance. An example is static_assert. With this function, it is possible to check conditions at compile time. Calculations can also be done with constexpr functions at compile time. In both cases, these features positively affect runtime behaviour and code size.

The use of move semantics promises faster and more efficient copying operations. Participants will learn how move semantics work, how to use it, and in what situations the compiler will disable them.

During the seminar, the participants will learn which new features of C++1x they can use in their codebase. Complex problems can be formulated more easily using the extended support of the compiler. The resulting code is often more robust and less error-prone. Participants who work with an older compiler, without C++1x, will receive tips and suggestions on using new features in their code. After the seminar, participants write clearer and more precise code. For example, participants will pass code reviews easier and safer.

Topics Outline

  • Clean and modern C++ code
  • Do things at compile time: constexpr, constexpr if
  • The right choice at the right time: preprocessor, inline or constexpr
  • ROMability
  • Interesting C++1x elements for embedded systems: override, auto, literaloperator, nullptr, structured bindings, td::optional
  • A must: range basd for loops
  • Influence of C++1x to performance and code size
  • Templates: the proper dose
  • Usage of the new initializerlist
  • Lambdas
  • Move semantics
Andreas FertigAndreas Fertig

Andreas Fertig, CEO of Unique Code GmbH, is an experienced trainer and lecturer for C++ for standards 11 to


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”Understandable explanation & collegial atmosphere :-)“

“Andreas Fertig is very competent and conveys the topic in an understandable and entertaining way. Merci!”
T. Kopp, Securiton AG

”Very good seminar, where illustrative examples are shown.”


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