Autosar – The rules for developing critical software with ISO C++14 in the automotive Industry


Date: On demand
Duration: 1 day, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: ONLINE
Language: English
Referent: Ralf Schneeweiß
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In this one-day seminar you get to know the principles and rules that Autosar C++14 offers for failure prevention in C++ projects.

Target group

  • Software developer
  • Technical project manager


  • Any C++14 compatible compiler can be adopted for this purpose. The recommended platforms are Windows, MacOSX, UNIX or Linux systems.
  • Course participants should master the C++ programming language and simple data operations on the system they use. A few rules are run through with real program examples.


  • Autosar C++14 Guidelines (PDF)
  • MISRA C++:2008 Guidelines (PDF) licensed for each participant


This seminar handles the development of critical software with ISO C++14 in embedded systems within the automotive field. For this purpose, the failure possibilities in a software project are analysed and discussed with C++14. The basic rules from the rule catalogue are also examined. Backgrounds are explained and special features of the C++ language discussed. In addition to theory, practical examples are performed in order to understand the meaning of the rules.

Topics Outline

  • The Error in Software
  • The Error in Coding (Implementation)
  • Thoughts on Development of Embedded Systems
  • Safety-relevant and Safety-critical Software
  • Typical Sources of Error in C++
  • Special Sources of Error in C++
  • Undefined Behaviour of C++
  • Implementation-dependent Behaviour of C++
  • Legibility and Clearness of C++ Code
  • The Safe Use of Object-oriented Concepts in C++
  • The Autosar C++14 Rule Catalogue
  • Required and Recommended Rules
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Programming Guidelines and Coding Styles
  • Development Process
Ralf Schneeweiß
Ralf Schneeweiß

In several projects, before and during his freelance work, Ralf Schneeweiß acquired profound knowledge in the practical use of C and C++ on several operating systems…


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