Pi Square Technologies appointed as Cantata Reseller in North America


QA Systems, the provider of static and dynamic software testing solutions for safety critical markets, is pleased to announce the appointment of Pi Square Technologies, a US based automotive engineering services company, serving major OEMs and many Tier 1 ECU Suppliers with niche software development and testing services, as its reseller for the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico.

Sarat Kothapalli, President of Pi Square Technologies explained “We are delighted to partner with QA Systems and offer Cantata, an industry leading unit and integration testing tool, to our valued customers in North America, meeting their ambitious goal of launching defect free and industry standards compliant products.”

The Cantata unit and integration software testing tool, has been independently certified by SGS-TÜV as “usable in development of safety related software» up to the highest safety integrity level for automotive safety standard ISO 26262, and has been used for testing embedded systems for automotive market leaders around the world.  Cantata is also certified for use in development of software in accordance with all of the other main safety related standards: IEC 61508 (general industrial), EN 50128 (railways), IEC 60880 (nuclear power), DO-178B/C (avionics), and IEC 62304 (medical devices standards).

“Pi Square Technologies’ extensive technical expertise and deep understanding of the engineering needs of automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the US made them an ideal partner for us in North America,” explained Andreas Sczepansky, CEO of QA Systems. “Interest in software testing for automotive systems is growing rapidly, so we are very pleased to be working with Pi Square Technologies providing quality local support for our North American customers.”

About Pi Square Technologies
Pi Square Technologies is one of the fastest growing Automotive Engineering services company in USA, with expertise in Automotive Embedded Software development and testing services. It offers expertise and experienced consultants in niche automotive technologies such as In Vehicle Infotainment, Active Safety, OTA, Cyber security and Connected vehicles. It’s training division specializes in producing ‘industry ready’ talent pool for serving major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers resource and project needs. Projects consulting division provides high quality and cost effective Software development and testing services solutions for off site execution. Pi Square Technologies specializes in Software testing with a reputation of uncovering bugs in early stages of Software development using industries best and UNIQUE negative and corner case testing methodologies and cutting edge tools.

About Cantata
Cantata is a unit and integration software testing tool, enabling developers to verify standard compliant or business critical C/C++ code on embedded target and host native platforms. Cantata is integrated with an extensive set of embedded development toolchains, from cross- compilers to requirements management and continuous integration tools.  The Eclipse GUI, tight tool integrations, highly automated C/C++ test cases generation, all make Cantata easy to use. Cantata has been independently certified by SGS-TÜV SAAR GmbH for use at the highest integrity levels for safety-related standards including ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, EN 50128, and IEC 60880. It is also end user qualifiable for standards such as DO-178B/C.

About QA Systems
Software Quality is the driving force behind QA Systems. Our certified testing tools enable organizations worldwide to develop high-quality software which meets the stringent demands of safety standards compliance and the high expectations of their customers. QA Systems leads the automation of unit testing, code coverage, integration testing and static analysis to optimise safety and business critical embedded software faster and cheaper. All of the tools are independently certified by SGS TÜV for use at the highest integrity level of safety related software development for all major safety standards (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, EN 50128, and IEC 60880), and qualifiable for standards such as DO-178B/C. Founded in 1996 by CEO and racing driver, Andreas Sczepansky, QA Systems operates across Europe and through a global reseller network. QA Systems has over 350 blue-chip customers, across all safety related and business critical industries. In addition to our tools, the QA Systems Academy shares our know-how and expertise with engineers from around the world.