***NEW: Writing Correct, Conforming and Performant Code


  • Date: 2021 in planning
  • Duration: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Location: Arcotel Camino, Stuttgart
  • Language: EN
  • Speaker: Jason Turner
  • Early Bird: 2021 in planning
  • Price: 2021 in planning

Jason Turner IMAGE Jason Turner
Jason has 2 decades of C++ experience and is a regular conference speaker, developer, and trainer.



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Correct, conformant code is code that performs better, is more optimizable and more testable. Unfortunately, not all code can be executed at compile-time, so we want to write the best possible code we can that runs at run-time. By following best practices and writing idiomatic code, you write programs that the compiler knows how to optimize. You also create a codebase that is easier to maintain, costs less to write, and can be more easily analyzed by static analysis tools and is less error-prone.

During the class, we deeply examine something that C++ has that very few other languages have: a well-defined object life cycle. Understanding this key aspect of C++ is critical to writing clean, maintainable, and efficient C++.

Don’t deal with run-time errors, logic errors, and leave performance on the floor with common mistakes that are easily avoided with a deeper understanding of the language.

Students will:

  • Learn idiomatic C++ programming patterns
  • Learn how to spot and avoid undefined behavior
  • Understand the limitations of what can be optimized
  • Develop an intuition for what makes good C++ good

Please note: This outline is subject to change.

  • Understanding RAII
  • What does the standard say?
  • Member variable lifecycle
  • How and why to limit variable scope
  • The as-if rule
  • std::move and std::forward
  • Optimally passing and returning values
  • The lifecycle of lambda captures
  • How the C++ memory model and object lifetime relate
  • A note about run-time polymorphism
  • What changes in C++17
  • Best Practices
  • C++ Tooling

I expect you are comfortable with C++ syntax, have used C++, and desire a better intuition for how to write good code.

My classes are highly interactive and have small group exercises, where students share their laptops (1 laptop per 4 students) and discuss the exercise. Come expecting to interact with your fellow students and me. Come also with questions you would like answered.